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Commercial transportation

Commercial transportation is a popular service, in fact, is the engine of the economy. Unfortunately, not all transport companies offer the service of decent quality. The lack of a sound logistics puts before the customer the choice: expensive , but fast and with a guarantee that the goods will be safe, or cheap, but slow and without warranties. Such conditions are not conducive to successful trading.

The company "Santa Fe" has set a goal to make commercial transportation available for large companies and small entrepreneurs, to make the service easy and delivery fast.

Our priorities:

guarantee the integrity of cargo and observance of delivery terms;
great prices;
the fastest commercial transport;
all for customer convenience.

Why us?

Each employee of the company "Santa Fe" understands how important it is to deliver the goods undamaged and at the agreed time. Failure of the timing is a blow to the reputation of clients, respectively, the blow to our reputation. Fast transportation of commercial cargo – the key to a successful business of our customers and our prosperity. We are not interested in providing quality services, so with care to calculate every step.

Commercial shipments are done in Russia and in other countries. We will deliver the goods anywhere in the world on the principle "door to door".

Six reasons to trust us:

European warranty

"Santa Fe "– it's 50 years of experience in commercial transportation. We value our reputation and are honestly fulfilling commitments, to be sure - insure property in transit.
Marine commercial transportation

Service focused on customer satisfaction

We did everything for the convenience of the customer: accurate system of tracking (tracking), robust packaging, the use of different types of transport and delivery "to door", etc.

Regular transportations of cargoes

Our transport service runs regularly from Russia to Europe and back. If you need to transport small amount of goods, groupage and combined transportation is the best option.

Well-designed logistics

At our disposal an extensive network of own warehouses and loading facilities in Europe, warehouses of partners in USA, Latin America, Africa, Asia, and Australia. We will provide commercial transportation with minimum costs.

Best and quick transportation of commercial goods to any corner of the world

To minimize the cost of delivery is performed by several modes of transport (multimodal transport): rail, road, sea, air. You can get advice on the selection of the most convenient ways with our Manager by telephone or in person in the office.

Customs clearance in the shortest time

We monitor all changes to legislation and know the rules and nuances of customs clearance, the legitimate ways of reducing fees in different countries. Experienced lawyers and logisticians to pass through the customs in minimum time with lowest cost.

The process of loading/unloading is performed quickly and carefully. Depending on the destination and the stated terms, we will develop several transportation options, choose the most convenient and comfortable route. Through an affiliate network guarantee the execution of obligations.

Commercial transportation at competitive prices

For several years in the freight market of the capital, we have developed all the strong points of the segment. Huge fleet of modern and economical transport, details of the route allow us to offer lower prices than competitors, while maintaining a high level of service.

For commercial transportation You need to leave the application on the website, visit our office or simply call by phone +7 (495) 933-52-32