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The program of relocation of employees

Moscow new, unfamiliar city for You or Your employee? Moved to a new place and don't know which area to live, where to place children? The Santa Fe company will take care of all the relocating employee, the arrangement of the family in a new place.

Attraction or transfer from another region talented specialist is a good investment for the company. And for a worker moving to a new city or country opens up good prospects. But when it comes down to it, relocation is a challenge, both for the employee and for the employer.

Not so easy to leave the rendered habitable place, and challenges await from the first minute of moving to a new city. Where to stay, what area to rent an apartment or rent a vacation home, to a school, kindergarten children will go? Transport, medical centres, sports centres, shops - all of these issues threaten to grow into a huge snowball, causing nervous and relive the moment when You need to concentrate all our efforts on the new job.

If you will be relocation of the employee to a new place, we will become a reliable support, we take care of all the arrangement of life and help you quickly get comfortable in a new place. Are interested in the program of relocation of an employee? Give us a call! +7 (495) 933-52-32

That includes the relocation of employees?

The priority of our company is to solve all the problems waiting for you at the new location. For You we:

 find housing for employees, our managers will conduct a tour of the most attractive districts, will select the best option within a given budget. All objects passed legal review, our lawyers will draw up the lease.
provide legal assistance;
we will find a kindergarten or school, place kids in the most favorite companies, sign a contract for service with the medical center;
we will help you to open a Bank account, advise in the field of tax legislation;
solve other domestic issues: choose a provider, connect to cable television, the Internet;
 will conduct an orientation tour for the employee or group of employees.

Who is interested in relocation of employees?

For executives

Attracting talented technician, with experience, who will be able to look at the situation with fresh eyes, bringing new ideas, stir up collective – good tool for successful business. It is important that the worker quickly became informed and focused on work without being distracted by everyday problems.

All this is possible if charging arrangement employee company Santa Fe Relocation Services. We find apartments for employees of the company and provide legal help, find a school/kindergarten for children.

For professionals who decided to move to a new location

Moving to Moscow opens great prospects for creative professionals, engineers, IT-specialists and employees of other areas. No matter you have some suggestions or are you just going for a interview are more likely to pass probation and get the job done, if you will not be distracted by little things and will focus on the goal. And we will arrange the home, move the family.

Few arguments to contact us:

- provided the professional program relocation of employees of foreign companies;

- assist in resolving any issues: our staff of experienced managers, lawyers, financial advisors, experts from other domains.

we will help to solve all the issues that arise when moving and landscaping in a new city.

Want to get more information about the program of relocation of staff to know prices? Call +7 (495) 933-52-32 or visit our office