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  • Адрес: Ул. Новочеремушкинская, д 61, 117418, Москва, Россия

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Visa Support

Problems of legalization of documents in Russia? Urgently need to travel abroad? Don't know what documents are needed for visa and afraid of rejection? Then you are in the right place. Company Santa Fe provides visa services and support as the Russians and foreigners in Moscow, the Moscow region and other regions of Russia.

We work directly with consulates and are familiar with the procedure inside. We provide comprehensive visa support:

we will consult you in detail and step by step describe the process of obtaining a visa;

- help to collect the necessary documents, check and translate them;

- arrange insurance;

- we will book accommodation, tickets and, if necessary, will give the invitation;

- fill out the application form in accordance with the requirements of the Consulate;

- prepare for the interview;

- help to get a visa even if a high risk of failure.

To our clients, we provide assistance at the destination. Help with finding accommodation, schools, kindergartens, medical institutions, take the lead in organizing a business visit.

Who benefits from our visa services:

Citizens of the Russian Federation

Santa Fe company turns out a wide range of services in the field of migration, visa and travel advice to citizens of the Russian Federation. We'll help you:

short-term visa for long travel and business trips;
to move abroad for permanent residence;
to obtain a work visa.

Foreign nationals

Foreign nationals arriving in Russia, we assist in applying for and obtaining:

work permits;
temporary registration;
health insurance.

 We will become a reliable intermediary between you and the immigration service. If necessary, apply for an invitation to enter. Will ensure that your stay in Russia was legitimate and not turned problems with state authorities.

Why you should turn to Santa Fe?

We work with the consulates directly and offer the fastest and least troublesome way to obtain a visa.

 Each country has its own specific rules and conditions under which a foreign citizen will be allowed entry. To weed out unwanted visitors created the visa system. However, getting the coveted permission process is difficult and troublesome.

 Candidate for departure, even if he's short visit for a few days, to collect a large package of documents to complete several questionnaires. And if everything is done correctly to pass an interview. The slightest mistake, lack of help could turn into a repetition of the entire procedure or at all failure. Even if everything goes smoothly, the visa lasts for weeks, sometimes months.

There is an alternative, faster, and most importantly 100% option to get your visa contact the company Santa Fe!

 Want to get more information about visa services, find out prices? Call +7 (495) 933-52-32 or visit our office.