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Transport of animals abroad

The transportation of Pets abroad is always a cause of great concern and stress for both Pets and their owners. The main objective of the company Santa Fe Relocation Services to relieve You of negative emotions and make the move as comfortable as possible. We understand that Your pet is a family member and its security is of paramount importance to You. The company SantaFe will take care of all the transportation of Your pet!

Our services:

Consultation on international transportation of Pets
Obtaining all necessary documents (veterinary certificate, international veterinary certificate)
Vaccination of an animal
Preparation of transport route and choice of airline
Check tickets for flights
Shipping Your pet to the departure airport
Customs clearance in country of departure and destination
The passage of the veterinary control
Air animal
Delivery to Your door

Animal export from Russia

For transporting a pet abroad, the necessary number of documents required for the successful completion of the animal of border control upon departure from Russia:

- Veterinary passport of the international sample that contains brief information about the owner of the animal and all information about the veterinary services for Your animal. Certainly the presence of marks made on vaccinations, deworming and chipping.International transportation of animals

IMPORTANT! Rabies vaccination must be done not earlier than one year but not later than 30 days before crossing the border!

 - A veterinary certificate. Issued in the State vetstantsii, not earlier than 5 days prior to departure.
- If Your dog or cat are not tribal, it is necessary to take help in cynological Federation or Cat Association.
- For export abroad a few animals will need a permit from the Ministry of agriculture (veterinary Department)
- Properly issued the travel document on the pet, according to the rules of the transport company, which will use it.

 Each owner your pet, you must remember that to obtain any of these documents you will need to provide the animal live. Therefore, going for help or permission, be sure to take it with you.

 The transportation of Pets abroad is characterized by the fact that moving a pet from Russia, you can import it into any other state. Each country has its own rules governing the importation of animals into their territory. Therefore, be sure to pre-contact the representation (Embassy or Consulate) of the country you wish to visit and follow all the necessary requirements.

 IMPORTANT! The procedure of animal and veterinary control at the border crossing can take quite a long time. Be sure to factor that into your plans, otherwise you risk to miss the flight!

Peculiarities of animal transportation by different modes of transport

Each transport company has its own rules of transportation of animals. During railway transportation the following rules apply:

Pets small-sized Pets (including dogs) and not more than 2 may be transported in a separate compartment with the excess of rules limiting the amount of carry-on baggage.
 The pet container should be placed on the Luggage rack. The sum of its dimensions should not be more than 180 cm. If the container (cage) more the animal will have to go to a specialty car.

Transportation of animals abroad is only possible via routes flowing into and through the border station, where there is a monitoring border veterinary station.

If you plan to air the animal in Russia or abroad, will have to carefully approach the choice of the airline as their rules differ among themselves and are sometimes quite significantly.

 Some airlines allow the carriage of animals in passenger cabin of the aircraft. For example, it may be permitted being in a cabin only one animal per flight. Or may not be allowed the simultaneous presence in the cabin of dogs and cats.

 The General requirements for transportation of animals by any mode of transport is a mandatory finding them in the container (cage), which has a number of requirements. It's imperative it was spacious enough to let your pet feel comfortable in it. The requirement is the density and water resistance of its bottom with the inner side of which also required the presence of the absorbent layer (removable liner). Must exclude spillage of the absorbent to the outside. The container must be sufficiently strong and securely locked.

Our specialists will always help you on all questions connected with transportation of Your pet!

For more information contact SantaFe Relocation Services at +7 (495) 933-52-32 or visit our office!