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Archival storage of documents

The office is littered with stacks of documents? We offer services of archival storage of documents outside of the office. We guarantee full safety and confidentiality.

Even two or three years of work in the office accumulate thousands of documents that are required by law to store for several decades. This is the accounting, copies of contracts, personnel records, various reports on the work of the Department.

Lack of space can turn into a serious problem in a situation if you have to rent a commercial space for a substantial fee, it is advisable to use the services of archival storage of documents.

As a result you get:

full preservation of paper-based documents in our archives maintain optimal temperature and humidity, there are no negative factors (sunlight, aggressive cleaning agents etc.);
quick access to the documentation at any time, including weekends, holidays, evening or night;
complete privacy, protection from industrial espionage: the territory is guarded round the clock, working ACS, the documents can be put in closed cells, access to which only you have.
archival storage of documents for any term from one year to 75 years.

How much archival storage of documents?

We offer a flexible pricing system. The price is calculated on the basis of the documentation transmitted for storage and additional services: storage in a separate cell, organize, separate Manager fixed for customers etc.
To know the exact cost of the service call +7 495 933 52 32 or visit our office.

Storage of documents in archive: how it works?
- you rent the documentation for storage in our archive;
documents sistematizada, creating an electronic directory, a copy is provided to you;
- if necessary, you request;
- the paper can be picked up at our store or delivered by courier;
- after the need for paper passes, you return (personally or by courier) it back to the archive.

How to prepare documents for custody in the archive?

Before storage in the Depository, documentation:

Understands and sistematizarea;
Packed in special boxes;
Marked: each box is assigned a separate cipher;
The Act of acceptance-transfer.

Only after fulfilling the mandatory procedures, systematized and packaged documentation is sent to permanent storage.

Security system

We made sure that you slept peacefully and was not worried for the safety of the archived documents.To do this, we have established a multilevel security system:
- the area around the warehouse is guarded round the clock;
- access to storage from a limited number of employees, all passed the security check;
- when opening the vault you will receive the alert;
- separately available option for storing documents in a sealed cell that nobody can open except you (or in the presence of a representative of the company).

Keep yourself or transfer the Deposit to us?

You are deeply mistaken if they believe that it is possible to completely switch to electronic document management and to dispense paper media. Incorporation documents with "live" printing, contracts with employees, contracts with contractors or clients, charts and reports. Many of the documents, by law, need to be stored for ten to twenty years. Every day, month, year they accumulate more and more.

The question is raised not only in the optimization space. Much more important is the security and protection of sensitive data from unscrupulous employees who can leak important information to competitors, undermining the welfare and reputation of the company. In addition to the security of the premises, do not forget about the costs associated with the purchase of racks, safes, cabinets, boxes. Add the payment of heating, lighting, salary of the employees of the archive. Services of third-party backup company look much more profitable.

Several reasons to hand over documents for archiving and storage companies Santa Fe:

The solution to the problem of lack of space
You will free up office space that can be used more efficiently or reduce the cost of the rent.

The release of staff time
Instead of spending dozens of hours analyzing documents, your employees will be engaged in duties that will positively affect their performance.

Compliance to design documents
Our employees are familiar with the requirements on registration of documents long-term storage.
We relieve you of the headaches associated with the need to constantly monitor changes in legislation, and prepare the documents according to the rules.

Savings on maintenance of the state archivist
Large workflow requires the contents of one or more archivists in the state of the company.The cost of our services is substantially below the salary of the employee. To all: no holiday pay, sick pay, deductions for PF and tax.

Convenient and quick access to archives
Documents can be structured and reduced to a single system, created paper and electronic directories. All this makes it possible, if necessary, for a few minutes to find the right document. You don't even need to leave the office – the necessary paperwork will be delivered by the courier.

The issue of storage of documents after liquidation of the company
The law requires you keep records even after the liquidation of the company.

Service archiving solves many problems. You just hand over documents to us, and, if necessary, in person or by courier take them.