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  • Адрес: Ул. Новочеремушкинская, д 61, 117418, Москва, Россия

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Transportation exhibitions

Transportation of exhibitions and art objects

Peculiarities of transportation of exhibitions is the fragility of the goods, limited the time of delivery and the complexity of customs clearance. During transportation of the exhibition equipment, exhibits and all kinds of consumables there is always a risk of damage. That is why the process requires special attention and care.


The credibility of the company "Santa Fe" on the logistics market – a guarantee of quality packaging of exhibits, equipment and fragile items.

For Your cargo, regardless of value of items used by professional materials and special packaging.

Is marking each transported unit, prepare a detailed list. Loading operations are performed according to the relevant standard and the specificity of the entrusted property.


Our company has a whole range of advantages.One of the main advantages is the quality and professionalism of international and domestic traffic.

Annually in the world due to delivery failures thwarted hundreds of events. Projects are multi-million dollar losses. A huge number of goods idle at customs because of inaccuracies in the paperwork. Did You know about this?

One solution is to use the services of "Santa Fe" is a professional carrier with a world name!

The procedure of customs clearance of goods

Proper paperwork when crossing the customs border is the most important time of transporting any exhibition.

From our experts You will receive detailed advice on how to transport goods using the ATA Carnet (temporary admission) required documentation and procedures.

The company "Santa Fe" – professional exhibition logistics. Our impeccable reputation is the key to the success of Your business!

To order the transportation of the exhibition, exhibits or equipment You can leave the application on our site, call +7 (495) 933-52-32 or visit our office in Moscow.