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Move to China

Move to permanent residence in China? Will help you to move quickly and without hassle. We take care of transportation and customs clearance.

China provides unlimited opportunities in business development, self-development, attracts thousands of attractions, good and affordable medicine, a cheap utilities and low property prices. It is not surprising that thousands of Russians travel to the country in search of a better life, good jobs and secure old age, to study or simply for new emotions...

However, international moving is a complicated process. It should not just move all the furniture, personal belongings from point "A" to point "B". Have to deal with paperwork and customs clearance, preparation of documents. After crossing the border, there are other laws and rules of another country.

The best solution to get rid of unnecessary trouble, possible problems, and significant overpayments – trust move to China companies with extensive experience in international transport and an impeccable reputation such as Santa Fe. We have studied all the nuances, tracked changes in the customs legislation, but more importantly for you – we're gonna move things of personal use quickly and with minimal cost.

That includes moving to China?

Unlike competitors, we don't just provide services for the transportation of personal effects to China, but completely take the move on yourself. For you we:

we will develop the quickest and most economical route of transportation, will offer you several options by road or air;
get the help you need, fulfill all customs formalities for the export from the Russian Federation and import to China;
pack personal items, dismantle furniture;
to insure property in transit;
move personal property from "door to door" or "door to the warehouse" in one of the cities of China in the case that in the process of registration you did not specify the exact address;
apply for a visa and work permit in China the employee of Your company;
we will find housing for You;
choose a suitable school or kindergarten for Your child;
organize an orientation tour;
would find medical center for Your family.

Why is it better to entrust the transport of household goods in China to us?

The Santa Fe company has more than 50 years in the market of commercial and non-commercial freight services in the field of migration and tourism consulting. During this time we have developed logistics network, has established close ties with partners in different countries of the world.

When shipping, we carefully design the route in order to save can be used for multimodal transport involving aviation, railway, automobile and sea transport.

By contacting us you get:

- better price;

- guarantee the safety of personal belongings;

- prompt delivery, just in time.

Still have questions? Want to get more information? Call +7 (495) 933-52-32 or leave a request for a call back.