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Moving to America for permanent residence

Moving to the United States, Canada, Latin America? We will help you to move overseas and move your personal belongings. We guarantee the safety of the property, offer fast shipping, and most importantly – international level of service.

America, the New world... In this distant, overseas continent's prospects, expects the open, not clogged with stereotypes of society.

Most of the emigrants from Russia travel to the US and Canada – the world's largest economy, with the highest, the reference standard of living, which are smoothed all over the world, unwavering civil liberties.

Quite a popular move, mostly in connection with the promotion, to rapidly growing Mexico or Brazil, Argentina held or Sunny Costa Rica, Belize, Panama.

Regardless of the destination country, moving to America is accompanied by a number of challenges: strong legislation and great distance. You are moving not just to a neighboring state, and on another continent, separated by the ocean. Here, strict rules, dozens of nuances and subtleties. Without professional help, the move can last for several months.

So if you want to avoid the hassle, extra costs and make the move quick – call us +7 495 933 52 32

Moving to America: whether it is necessary to transport the assets from Russia or is it better to buy on the spot

Often, immigrants take with them the suitcase with the Essentials, believing that everything can be purchased on site. Argument – everything is cheaper (especially in the U.S. and Canada) by 20-30%, and in the season of sales prices on electronics and things two to three times lower than in Moscow.

But the reality is that there, over the ocean, the property is rented without furniture or any appliances. You expect the bare walls and the prospect of sleeping on the floor, eat semi-finished products of plastic dishes or to spend from a few to 10-15 thousand dollars for the purchase of furniture, utensils, bedding, clothing, household appliances. Of course, if you have no friends or relatives who lend a helping hand.

Some expats, not having to get a job, spend all my savings, and remain on a starvation diet. Let's not forget about the books, different things, in the form of albums or Souvenirs, sentimental gifts – they can't buy in America for any money.

So the only solution is to bring the accumulated years of possessions from Russia. This is especially true if you have recently upgraded the furniture, household and kitchen appliances.

Why you should trust the transportation to us?

To arrange their own transportation of goods very difficult. It is necessary not only to properly execute the documents, but also to negotiate with carriers to arrange delivery to the port, then found in a cargo in America and re-hire freight transport for delivery to the new house. But there's an alternative that allows you to avoid the hassle is to entrust the moving to America our company Santa Fe Relocation Services

For You we :

 will pick up an optimum variant of delivery with minimal cost: by sea or by air, we will delivery the modular cargo (in one container is transported, the equipment of several (sometimes several dozen) of customers;
undertake preparation of documents and customs clearance;
pack your personal items, if necessary, analyze the furniture, load and deliver to a place of departure: port or airport;
will take the cargo to the destination country and arrange delivery "to door" at the specified address or at the warehouse, if you are ready to take the property.

But most importantly, you'll get great prices – you pay not for the entire container, but for the weight and used place, so the cost of moving to America turns out to be beneficial.

And yet:
- we know how to avoid taxes or minimize their size;
- help to obtain insurance, pass a medical exam;
- increase the chances of obtaining a visa;
- help to find accommodation.

What is required of you? Just call +7 495 933 52 32 to explain their wishes and sign the contract. At the time of transportation of the property insured.