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Moving to Kazakhstan

Going to Kazakhstan for permanent residence? Received a challenging position in Almaty, Astana? We will help you move to the "land of the great steppe". Santa Fe Relocation Services will arrange transportation of personal belongings will help with the paperwork and get settled in a new place.

Why Kazakhstan?

Kazakhstan is located in the heart of Eurasia. Former Soviet Republic for years of independence has achieved considerable success. The pace of development and the level of wages is the clear leader in the CIS. The quality of life of Kazakhstan is gradually catching up with the Baltic countries.

Kazakhstan has preserved its unique culture, incredible happy nature, boundless steppes and mountain peaks. When this young state opens many perspectives: here are based the new company, opening branches of international companies, construction of new homes and office buildings are being built factories. Therefore, the move in the Republic of Kazakhstan in search of a quiet, secure life and career is so popular among Russians.

Why move to Kazakhstan it is better to trust us?

We employ specialists in various fields (lawyers, logistics managers, realtors), making possible to provide a full range of services in the field of relocation to Kazakhstan. What we need from you? Just call or visit our office. All the efforts we will undertake:

develop the most convenient and efficient route of transportation using different modes of transport: road, rail, air;
carefully examine furniture, will mark every detail, carefully pack your personal belongings, respecting the customs requirements;
 prepare supporting documentation, go through customs clearance;
insurance of property for transportation
we will transport your belongings to the destination city: for address or to the nearest warehouse (if you have not found permanent housing).

Also, we will help you to obtain a work permit and permanent residence in Kazakhstan, apply for medical insurance, consult on the design of rental housing, employment, etc.

We are more than 50 years working in the market of international transport, travel and migration consulting. During this time we have confirmed the reputation of an honest and reliable company you can rely on in a difficult situation. Signed a partnership agreement with transport and logistics companies in Europe, North America, Asia, including in Kazakhstan.

To know the exact cost of the service You can contact us by phone : +7 (495) 933-52-32

How to move?

Fortunately, between Russia and Kazakhstan has visa free regime and moving through customs is simplified. Everyone wants to have the opportunity to go into the country for exploration, find a job, find housing. But to stay in the country longer than 90 days must obtain a special permit and immigration sheet. This document, in turn, issued when invited by relatives, employer, or after obtaining a license for employment.

Without outside help, the paperwork takes 3-4 months. In addition to running for state courts, still need to find housing and move my things to buy on the spot several times more expensive. To transport property needed in another country. It is additional problems with the paperwork, despite the simplified border crossing. If we fail to find permanent housing, things will need to be stored somewhere.

Therefore, if you decide to move to permanent residence in Kazakhstan and want to make this process as easy as possible – entrust your moving to us.

We understand that happy customers = a successful business, so we make everything to:

- move to Kazakhstan was the most favorable for you;

- your items were delivered promptly and in perfect condition;

- you avoid the hassle and lengthy paperwork.

In case of force majeure, the property in transit is insured, additionally our financial obligations spelled out in the contract.

Still have questions? Call: +7 (495) 933-52-32