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The moving container

Any residential move move to another city or country requires a transportation of personal property. How to transport belongings, appliances and furniture? How to make this process as convenient as possible and without additional risk? Your best option may be moving the container.

Container transportations provide the ability to move virtually any cargo. Whether it's possessions, fragile items, expensive equipment or home furniture.

In this situation, the company SantaFe offers its customers insurance "door to door".

Preparing items for shipment

This type of work implies a high-quality package for each transported unit. For this there are certain rules:

small unbreakable items (frames, books, etc.) Packed into box;
mirror blade and glass (fragile objects) wrapped by a layer of corrugated cardboard and bubble wrap;
to prevent chips, cracks and scratches, some items are Packed into protective film;
in order to avoid deformation of the corners uses a special cardboard.

Types of containers

Based on the internal useful volume, all the containers are divided into several types. The Santa Fe company uses to transport 20-foot (with a capacity of 32 cubic meters) and 40 feet (with a capacity of 64 cubic meters) .

The selection of the volume of containers is the prerogative of our company. In this case, has the value of the total weight of cargo and its quantity.


Principles of loading and transporting of property.

There are certain rules for loading in container:

1) property inside the container you want to place freely;

2) packaged items must be distributed uniformly (no accumulation of mass in one point), if necessary – fixed.

A complete set of rules for loading and stowage of the cargo in the container is contained in the normative document "Technical conditions of loading, placement and fastening of cargoes in wagons and containers". Professional the carrier is obliged to adhere to the appropriate standard in the provision of transport services.

The process of transportation of household property

Container shipping is the most popular option when housing move to Russia and when traveling around the world . For transporting container can be used both on-road and water transport. The choice depends on the intended distance of moving goods. The Santa Fe company for transportation of personal effects mainly uses the container.

The advantages and disadvantages of container transport

This type of transport has undeniable advantages. It is important that loading can be performed at any convenient time the customer.

Any container transport must be accompanied by cargo insurance, indicating his wealth. As force majeure in the path, such as natural disasters, technological accidents, and other dangerous load situations, although rare, but still happen. If you have insurance the damage will be reimbursed on the basis of international calculations.

Container transport – a convenient way to transport large volume of goods for an unlimited distance. This advantage is especially important when transporting personal belongings overseas.

The only "minus" – the price movement of the vessel itself.

The ordering of the container

For container order, you will need to leave the application in a convenient way. This can be done by telephone +7 (495) 933-52-32 and filling out the feedback form on our website.

At the appointed date to the customer's house will be delivered to the truck. The team of movers carry out the loading . Your property will be delivered to the warehouse company of Santa Fe, where it will be placed in a container which must be sealed and sent to the address provided.

In the destination customer can check the safety and to their property. If you wish to leave in storage, or choose additional options of service.

Why Santa Fe ?

Professionalism and huge experience of our experts will relieve You from the hassle and help to solve any problems associated with the implementation of fast and reliable moving of Your property.

Individual approach of our employees allows to take into account all the details of Your move. Providing upscale packaging, gentle handling, compliance with defined deadlines and objectives - all key to safe and effective move, which will be an enjoyable stage in Your life.

Container transportations of personal things with the company SantaFe is simple, reliable and easy!