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Офис в Москве

  • Телефон: +7 495 933 52 32

  • Факс: +7 495 937 95 33

  • Адрес: Ул. Новочеремушкинская, д 61, 117418, Москва, Россия

  • Часы работы: 9:00 – 18:00

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Warehousing in Moscow

Warehouse storage is one of the main professional activities of Santa Fe. In many European countries we are the owners of warehouses, specifically oriented to the storage of fragile and expensive goods, works of art, personal things of the clients.

Currently, in Russia, our company has leased warehouse space of 1100 sq m warehouse complex with a size of 4000 sq. m.

Storage of material values, usually accompanied by a number of problems. You need to take care of their optimal placement, temperature, humidity indoor air, protect from the attacks of third parties or employees. And if you need to provide temporary storage of goods, equipment or other property, the best option is to use the services of Santa Fe.

Responsible warehousing we are able to reduce maintenance costs and rent of premises, payment only for the space used, reliable safety and handling property, saving on the salary of warehouse workers. Storage is in a secured warehouse with controlled temperature regime.

To get more information, find out the exact cost of our services on storage by phone +7 (495) 933-52-32 or sending an email.


The range of storage services in Moscow:

warehouse storage of goods, safekeeping of inventory ;
storage of cargo under the given conditions: temperature, humidity;
storage of oversized equipment;
services of loading and unloading;
online cargo, placed in our warehouses;
processing, classification and labelling of assets, bar-coding;
receiving, unloading and warehousing of cargo delivered to Moscow by rail;
transshipment of oversized and overweight cargo;
the fence or delivery of the goods to the address;
services of special equipment: loaders, cranes (25 tons).

Several reasons to trust the warehousing of goods to us

We offer a full range of logistics services. At your disposal a wide range of material handling equipment, warehouses large area . We will take care of any cargo, from furniture, to equipment. Each customer is a formal agreement that specifies the condition of each product. We have:

- the cargo is kept at optimum temperature in a dry ventilated area;

- we take full responsibility for the security of the trusted storage of the property. For this we have: advanced equipment, reliable warehouse furniture, to prevent accidental damage of the material assets, employees are trained on safety, training on the use of special equipment;

we offer best and reasonable prices, no hidden fees or commissions - you pay only for the used space;

- available overload from rail to road and back;

- equipment in our warehouse allows to carry out loading/reloading and oversized property in the shortest period of time.

the company's territory is guarded round the clock access to warehouses is restricted to using a layered security system.

Our priority is to make the services of storage and handling of goods or other material values is the most reliable, convenient and clear. Our warehouse is located at the intersection of several transport routes: road and rail, which helped to reduce the number of overloads.

Storage in our warehouse involves compliance with requirements for loading and unloading of goods, processing of property within the warehouse, packaging and labelling. For the entire period of storage we have provided the insurance of the trusted property.

To get more information, find out the exact cost of our services on storage by phone +7 (495) 933-52-32 or sending an email.